Southern Minnesota’s Official Clothing Provider

Five.Oh.Seven. Clothing Mission StatementJuly 28th, 2012 was the start of it all. A vision was created that would begin to bridge the gap between art, fashion, music, and the communities which dot the landscape of Southern Minnesota. We set out to develop a brand that would capture the lifestyle of southern Minnesota, and showcase our unique traits in a visually innovative, simple, and creative way.

We offer fashion-forward product concepts that are design driven and truly speak to the hearts of the amazingly cool people in and around Southern Minnesota. Like many residents of the 507, we’re inspired by art, passionate about life, and intrigued by fashion. Keeping that synergy in mind, we have developed Five.Oh.Seven. Clothing so that we can all live the 507 Life.

With the official launch of the brand August 7th, 2012; Five.Oh.Seven Clothing has aimed to satisfy thousands of customers who share our same interests. We would be non-existent without a captive audience, who parallel our passion and our vision, and challenges us to get better every single day. We are determined to spread the 507 Life to the residents of our community.

Anything is possible